Ryan Holet, a policeman who gained national attention after adopting the baby of a drug addict he encountered outside a convenience store, was a special guest at this year’s State of the Union address.

President Trump’s guest, Ryan Holet, was accompanied by his wife, Rebecca, and their 10-week-old daughter, Hope. The family was seated beside the First Lady. After an introduction by President Trump, the couple received a standing ovation. Their magical night followed a personal tour of the White House. His invitation to the festivities came after he was recognized by the city of Albuquerque for his selfless actions.

Ryan and Rebecca adopted Hope from her drug addicted mother on the day she was born. They have gotten her the medical care she needs and given her the support she needs to flourish despite her unfortunate start. Her birth mother, Crystal Champ, has been clean for nearly 40 days.

Last year, Holet responded to a call of a possible theft at a convenience store. As he was leaving the store he spotted Crystal leaning against a cement wall preparing to shoot up heroin. She was about eight months pregnant. At first he criticized her and admonished her behavior. Seeing how horrible she felt about her situation triggered his compassionate side. Right there on the spot he offered to adopt her baby despite already having four children at home. After she agreed, he rushed home to tell his wife, who was immediately on board.

In New Mexico, about 5% of all babies born are addicted to drugs. Holet’s actions caught the attention of not only his state, but the whole country as he attended the State of the Union address. While he may appear to be a hero to the rest of us, Hope just knows him as Dad.