At a children’s hospital in Miami in 1973, pediatrician Mike Gerardi met a nurse named Camille. They shared a sweet passion for helping others and a soft spot for children with special needs. Two years later, the couple got married. After two complicated pregnancies, they focused their attention on helping children who had birth defects, injuries, or were disabled by disease.

Over their life together, they adopted 88 children and had three biologically. Sadly, 32 of their children have succumbed to their conditions, but many of their children are doing well and living happily. The Gerardis started the Possible Dream Foundation to help disabled kids and their families with education and job skills.

They have had their good share of challenges along the way. Hurricane Andrew claimed their entire home in 1992. Another of their houses was lost in North Carolina when lightning set fire to it in 2011. Last year, Mike lost his battle with cancer. Camille kept it together for the sake of the children. She keeps honoring his memory by continuing their work and is currently taking care of 20 children at her home in Georgia.

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