A full heart and a full home—that is what DaShoan and Sofia Olds’ lives have now. They did not yet have biological children and were married for ten years when they saw a picture of seven siblings on a local news television station. Sofia recalls, “It just wasn’t in the plans for it to happen for us yet, and maybe this was the reason. We always wanted to adopt children. We just didn’t know it’d be seven.”

DaShoan and Sofia inquired about the siblings. At the time, the siblings were in four different foster homes. They worked with a local agency, Big Bend Community Based Care, and starting having visits with the siblings. “It was an automatic connection to me. It was fun. It felt relaxed, not forced. It was not uncomfortable, not overwhelming. It was like playing with children I’ve known my whole life,” Sofia recalls.

After weekend visits, DaShoan and Sofia brought all seven siblings to their home for the required period before adoptions can be recognized. Sofia states, “looking at those faces, I could see the sweetness and the kindness knowing anything that happened in their lives wasn’t their fault and if I can do anything to keep them together, I will. It was no question”

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