Raja and Jessica Paulraj were working together in a hospital in India when Adam was born, severely deformed.  His birth parents refused to take him home and, in fact, wanted to kill him.

Adam was born with a rare disease which left him with a cleft lip and palate, no nose, no eyelids, abnormal hands, and fused legs. But his brain, heart, and lungs were fine.  Adam became Raja and Jessica’s first child through adoption after they’d been married only six months.

Adam wasn’t expected to live long—maybe just a few weeks. But since his adoption and subsequent surgeries, Adam has become a big brother twice, has been given a palate so he can speak, and now has two legs so he can hop around.

At age four, Adam has brought much goodness into the world.  “There is no need to justify to anyone why any preborn person has the right to live. There is no need to prove that people with [any disability] can contribute to society, even though they can and do. There is no need for any child, born or preborn, to have to justify their existence. Adam is telling us all that despite everything that we think defines us and our value, our lives are worthy of living,” stated Nancy Flanders of Live Action News.