Father’s day is a very important day, but it never seems to get as much attention or excitement as Mother’s day. However, there are many craft ideas you can do to celebrate Father’s Day and the man in your life.

hand craft

Handprints/footprints Craft

Handprints and footprints are always a nice idea for a craft for younger children so you can remember how little they once were. They are also pottery stores where you can paint a handprint/footprint on a plate or mug and they will glaze it for you.

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worksheet craft


Many schools may do something like this, but it is always amusing to hear the children’s responses to questions. Kids say the funniest things!

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pictures craft


Pictures are always my favorite. They are just reminders to look at for years as your children grow. You can get creative like the signs in this picture or, personally, I think candid pictures of your children are the best.

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