With the rising cost of adoptions, both domestic and internationally, many couples are turning to crowdfunding.

Sites such as GoFundMe.com and AdoptTogether.org serve as platforms for raising money. Donations come in from friends and family as crowdfunding profiles are shared on social networks sites. Even strangers can’t help but be moved as they read stories from couples hoping to adopt, and with a click of a button can donate any amount of money. A little money donated by a lot of people can add up to the cost of an adoption.

The dream of creating a family turning into a reality is becoming more frequent with crowdfunding. The current cost of domestic adoption ranges from $10,000 – $50,000 . . . the price of the down payment on a home. Couples may save for years to pay for an adoption, but with crowdfunding now an option, families are created more quickly, giving children loving homes.

Those hoping to adopt by raising funds through crowdfunding should be cautious and informed as they search for safe sites. Avoid scams by finding a site that is known to be reputable.