Although the spread of the deadly virus Ebola is slowing, the orphan count continues to rise.

Orphanages are full and relatives are hesitant to care for the children because of risk of spread of the disease. This is leaving many young children, who are heartbroken at the loss of their parents, alone and fending for themselves without the support of a family.

The non-profit organization Save The Children is working to create interim shelters for orphans to be housed in for up to 6 months to assuage the fear and the stigma caused by Ebola. When enough shelters are in place, newly orphaned children will have a safe place to live until relatives feel secure enough to welcome them into their extended family homes. For a short time, anonymous donors are matching any donations that come in to Save The Children for this purpose.

Jessica Mulvihill with Fox News reported that many organizations are coming together to help with the orphan situation in Liberia and surrounding countries. Included is the group Lifesong for Orphans Liberia, which works with local individuals and organizations to find help for those who have been rejected by their relatives.

Lifesong also provides opportunities to volunteer, foster, and to adopt.