What would be your response if someone asked you, “What is your most memorable year?”  Could you identify a specific year? Jordan Fisher can talk about that.

The answer is easy for Jordan Fisher, an actor from the Disney Channel and Hamilton.  For him, it was 2005, the year Jordan was legally adopted by his grandparents. In  an article on CBS8, Jordan states, “I love them. They’re the most selfless, giving, caring people I know, and by definition, represented what a mom and a dad are truly supposed to embody, and I get to call them mine.”

“Dancing with the Stars” created a memorable week for Jordon.  On the show, the stars recounted the best or hardest years of their lives which created emotional dancers and dances. The judges on the show often have mixed reviews, but Jordan received two 10s from two of the judges, the highest score that can be received. They were the first tens to be given this season. The judges also had very complimentary remarks for Jordon and his dancing partner.  Bruno stated, “That was exquisitely flawless.“ “It was just such pure love and gratitude,” said Carrie.

Jordan shared his adoption story on the show, and it is recounted in this article. He talked about how he was officially adopted by his grandparents in 2005, but basically lived with them since birth. His birth mother was very young and struggled with substance abuse. He stated, “She wasn’t fit or ready to be a mom and take care of a kid. My grandparents took me out of that world.”

It is important for positive stories about adoption to reach our society. There are too many negative stereotypes concerning adoption, and it is great when a star uses his publicity to raise positive adoption awareness. Jordan states, “My being adopted, it saved me. It literally saved my life. It could’ve been really tough and . . . I was so loved. I’m just so grateful for them.”