Ora Lane was adopted shortly after her birth by loving parents who could not have biological children. She grew up in Mississippi as her parents’ little miracle. But Ora, 33 years later, has experienced a miracle of her own.

You see, Ora lost her mother five years ago. It was a painful separation that left a hole in Ora heart. With an unspoken blessing from her mother, Ora went in search of her birth mother. Things got frustrating after doors were closed and she had no success.

But when she turned it over to God, miracles unfolded. “I think it was the moment when I tried to stop figuring it out on my own,” Ora said. Last month, Ora connected with her birth mother. After several communications through email, the mother and daughter were reunited, captured by a WTVA News camera. More visits together are scheduled and Ora feels grateful and loved by her mother and by her birth mother, who is her new best friend.