The Adoption Hall of Fame inducted critically acclaimed radio host, Delilah, as the 2018 honoree on the night of November 8th, 2018. You may know Delilah by her soft, soothing voice and her immensely popular radio show where she connects with 10-12 million listeners nightly, addressing them as friends. Delilah has been invaluable to adoption advocacy by spreading awareness and using her platform to support adoption whenever possible. Delilah has not only been a voice for adoption on the radio, but has also adopted 10 children with the 11th adoption in progress.

In a press release, National Council For Adoption President and CEO Chuck Johnson spoke more of Delilah’s impact on adoption, noting, “As a beloved radio host with a massive following, Delilah has been an inspiration to millions of people, serving as a friendly voice for callers to chat with throughout life’s ups and downs. With a loving heart, Delilah has made a home for the 10 children she has adopted. She is an incredible advocate for children to have loving, permanent families. Through her work at Point Hope—a nonprofit organization she founded over a decade ago—Delilah is committed to advocating for children in foster care and providing resources that reduce the burden on foster parents and let kids in care know they are not forgotten. We thank Delilah for being a voice for children in need, and we are proud to induct her into our Adoption Hall of Fame this year.” CEO, Nathan Gwilliam, was able to present Delilah with the honor of being inducted into the Adoption Hall of Fame. In a video posted to his Facebook page, Gwilliam honored Delilah and recalled her tremendous impact on adoption. Noting that they have been friends since 1999, he recalled the many ways Delilah has been a “tireless and passionate advocate for adoption.” Gwilliam professed, “Delilah uses her voice in many ways to advocate for reform of the foster care system and for solutions to the intercountry adoption crisis. In her spare time—which I’m sure she has plenty of as a busy mom, radio host, author, and gardener extraordinaire—Delilah founded an inspiring nonprofit organization called Point Hope, whose mission is to raise awareness of and champion the cause of ‘forgotten children.’ Founded in 2005, Point Hope serves children in Ghana and children in U.S. foster care by providing hope and care in the form of programs, individual attention, and the creation of self-sustainability. Each day Delilah’s efforts feed 380 children.’”

He closed his introduction by addressing Delilah and stated, “Delilah, you are an inspiration to me and to everybody in this room. Thank for your love and service for orphans and for the cause of adoption. It is my pleasure to welcome you, as a very well-deserving member of the Adoption Hall of Fame.”

Delilah was honored to accept the award and spoke lovingly of her children. She also spoke passionately about the failures of the foster care system “Somebody please explain to me why we have 480,000 children in foster care? Statistics came out today, almost 20,000 children aged out of foster care last year without a forever family…How is that okay?” She was firm in her call for change and the overhaul of the foster care system, asserting that all children deserve more. She then went on to say that “We have to change things ladies and gentlemen. We have to change things.”

The National Council for Adoption holds the Hall of Fame induction ceremony each year to not only celebrate the Adoption Hall of Fame recipient, but also the “Friend of Adoption” awards. The 2018 honorees were Mayor Muriel Bowser, Gregory A. Castanias, and Stan Collende. To find out more about the NCFA, visit their website. Delilah is featured on over 200 radio stations, and you can send your congrats at her website

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