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Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona
Agape builds and empowers families throughout the journey of life, love and healing. Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona, Inc. is a Christian service organization with a passion to empower positive outcomes for children and families. Agape was founded in 2005. In accordance with our name, (“Agape” is translated as “love” in Greek), the Agape staff works in a cooperative spirit that is wholly committed to helping our clients grow and strengthen their families. During its history, Agape has facilitated the adoption of more than 400 children.

Agape’s Arizona domestic private adoption services include supports for birth parents, including housing and transportation, in addition to adoption matches, and pre- and post-adoption home study services for adopting families. Agape serves adoptive families who live in other states by facilitating the interstate adoption process with agencies and attorneys in other states. The agency is Hague accredited, providing supports to families who are participating in international adoptions. We also manage a thriving foster care and fost-adopt program, which supports the long term well-being of Arizona’s most vulnerable children.

Agape recognizes that every birth parent and adopting family is unique. Our staff strives to understand and meet the needs and goals of each person we work with so that at the end of the adoption journey, each person can feel respected, honored and confident that best is yet to come for the children we are all working together create the most stable, loving and safe possible future for.


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