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Adoptions from the Heart
Allentown, New York City

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2212 Union Blvd

Adoptions From The Heart is a non-profit full-service adoption agency specializing in open adoption for over 30 years licensed in CT, NY, PA, NJ

Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH) began as one of the first agencies on the east coast to place infants through open adoption. Maxine Chalker, an adoptee herself, founded AFTH on the belief that open adoption is a healthy and much-needed alternative to traditional closed adoption. AFTH has grown tremendously over the past 30 years placing over 6,700 children into loving homes. AFTH is licensed in NJ, PA, DE, CT, VA, and NY. AFTH averages close to 140 domestic infant placements each year. The most important element of finding the right agency is feeling comfortable and supported every step of the way. - All fees are disclosed and due as services are rendered. There are no hidden costs. Unlike working with a facilitator or attorney, AFTH fees are credited towards the next placement if one is disrupted. - Ongoing support is offered after placement. AFTH hosts events, education and social opportunities attended by hundreds of families each year.


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