For 30-year-old Pamela Tyll Radisek, adoption has been all she has ever known. In fact, she was adopted not once, but she was adopted twice as a young child. In an interview with Today, Radisek told her story of overcoming obstacles and using those obstacles to connect with those going through adoption journeys that can sometimes be quite a harrowing ride.

Radisek was born in Paraguay and adopted by a U.S. family. Due to circumstances of abuse and other factors, she was removed from the home by age 6 and placed with her godparents. It was shortly after that she was again adopted by another family whom she remained with until adulthood.

Radisek spoke with Today about her unique story stating, “This all shaped my life profoundly, and really everything, both negative and positive, played a huge role in my life.” She knew that her story was unique but noted that adoption was her normal and her family life, a pleasant one.

It was in school that both Radisek and her siblings, also adopted, realized they were different than their classmates. Radisek explains by saying, “We never found anyone in the same situation as us in school. It could be seen as isolating in that no one had that shared experience, but I didn’t really know it as that.”

This led Radisek to envision a place where other adoptees could connect with one another and share their experiences and support one another. The summer before her first year of college, Radisek created the Facebook group, “I Am Adoption.

Now with over 7,400 members, “I Am Adoption” not only caters to adoptees but all members of the adoption triad. Members can ask for advice, share their stories, vent about adoption issues, and share their ongoing adoption journeys. Radisek’s group is doing its part to make members of the adoption community feel more supported and encouraged through a worldwide support system.