Sherry and Larry Majewski were married in 1995. At the time, they didn’t plan on ever having children. Little did they know, 22 years later they would be bringing home their eighth daughter, but not from the hospital. Bailey, their youngest, is from China, just like her seven older sisters.

Mrs. Majewski told Bedford Now, “We didn’t know we would be adopting eight. We knew we wanted one, then we wanted a sister for Mya. After that, a few years would go by and we’d feel ready to adopt again. Larry and I are both Christians; we felt God’s call to adopt each time.”

Their impression to adopt didn’t happen immediately. Mrs. Majewski was first inspired by a TV special on adoptions from Eastern Europe. Mr. Majewski was hesitant at first but, after a few years, warmed up to the idea.

Mya, their oldest, is 17. After a lot of preparation, she was adopted at 8 and a half months old. Then Maylin, 17; Ivy, 13; Katy, 11; Aneyah, 9; Fayth, 8; Brynn, 6; and now Bailey, 3, all followed.

Not all of the children were babies like Mya when they were adopted. Over the years, the Majewskis have felt that they should adopt special needs children. Some of their daughters came to the United States already speaking their native language. Others have physical disabilities that require special treatment.

“This has definitely been an adventure of faith,” Mrs. Majewski said.

Some of the children have been able to go back to China, travelling with their parents when they went over to pick up a member of their family.

Mrs. Majewski emphasized that it’s been important to her and her husband that their children get to experience where they came from. Visiting China has helped. They also eat Chinese food, celebrate Chinese holidays, and have hosted exchange students from China.

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