Most foster parents enjoy the quiet rewards of watching their foster children excel. Such has been the case for kindergarten teacher and foster parent Sonya Romero. Sonya didn’t begin fostering with that purpose in mind, but she has always been a caregiver to those in her school class.

With many children who come from difficult homes, each morning Ms. Romero prepares her students for a great day of learning by first making sure they are individually taken care of. This means making sure they’ve brushed their teeth, they have suitable clothing, and they’ve eaten. Those who are wanting are provided for—often at her personal expense.

At one point two of her students were in crisis. She welcomed those children into her home for the weekend . . . which extended to a week . . . which became a month, and then longer. As their foster mother, Sonya continues to care for those two children at home and as an incredible, caring teacher she cares for many others at school. Beyond the reward of seeing her foster children excel, Sonya was rewarded recently on The Ellen Show.

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