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2017-07-07 Time
Friday, July 7, 2017 1:09 am
Seattle, WA
Why Ethiopian Adoption Day?
— As Network of Family Service Professionals mainly founded to promote Ethiopian History and Culture and also working on the essence, challenges and solutions of Intercountry adoption during the post adoption era we strive to bring all adoption communities together,
— Ethiopia being #2 in the World and #1 in Africa with Intercountry adoption more than 15,000 children;
— Recognize those adoption professionals and other individual who strive to give a better shape to the challenges of intercountry adoption,
-Acknowledge the positive side of intercountry adoption by bringing together those adopted children who are successful and be an example for other adoptees who follow their footsteps to be successful,
-Addressing the current issues (Rehoming, adoption disruption, dissolution, and need of Adopptees Citizenship Act) related with international adoption,
-Recognizing those adoptive families who strive for their kids to be someone special in the future through entertainment of Ethiopian culture, traditional coffee ceremony, and more, as Ethiopia being the cradle of human kind and the birth place of coffee.
In addition to this, From July 2-8, 2017, Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA), founded in 1984, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the rich Ethiopian culture and heritage as well as build positive environment with in Ethiopian-American communities in North America.
This year’s soccer tournament and cultural festival host state is Seattle in July. As we all know West coast holds many of adoption professionals, advocates, adoption agencies, adoptees and adoptive parents. So, bringing them together with the Ethiopian community in Seattle once in year and make them expose to the culture and history of Ethiopia will help both adoptive parents and their children, learn at the same time recognize for what they did and bringing all adoptive community together can be a solution to those post adoption problems that both faced.
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