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Have You Ever Seen A Miracle?

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Have you ever seen a miracle,
Beheld one with your eyes,
Seen the magic & the mystery,
The wonder & suprise?

Have you ever touched a miracle,
With your fingertips?
Have you ever kissed a miracle,
Brushed one with your lips?

Have you ever held a miracl,
Gently in your arms?
Knowing that you must protect,
This precious gift from harm?

Have you ever loved a miracle,
Loved right from the start,
Loved with all your being,
Loved with all your heart?

I have done all these things,
I do them everyday,
I see miracles grow & learn,
I see them laugh & play.

I’m an ordinary person,
Not special at all, you see.
God gave me not one miracle,
He saw fit to give me three.

(for Zack, Matt & Alex)

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