Rehoming is a topic of high interest recently. And there is a lot of it going on.  Since 2000 there have been 250,000 adopted from other countries and brought to America. Sadly, sometimes the adoption doesn’t work out. Some adoptive parents defend rehoming, stating that they are truly doing all they can to help a child function in a family, but when it becomes dangerous to keep the child in the home, they begin to look at other options. Sometimes in their search for help they find another family who can better care for that child. Sometimes they find that parent on Facebook. 

The flip side is the emotional effect that rehoming has on the child.  Feeling more like a commodity than a person, it takes a lifetime for some who have been rehomed to learn to trust, and love and accept a family again. And, of course, children are placed in homes that haven’t been screened. They could be abused, neglected, or worst.

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