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Getting our days line out on paper can be really helpful.

Dreena Melea Tischler April 25, 2014
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Things are a little crazy here this week. Both my Bigs started school yesterday, and The Captain (age 4) started today. I feel relieved having school start; it is the first year I have ever said that.

I adore all my kids; I miss them when they are in school — yes, it’s true — so I was surprised to find that sense of relief in myself. I wondered what was up.

It’s the schedule I crave. School forces me to be organized. We have a rhythm to our days, albeit imposed in some part by outside forces. Normally, I establish a summer schedule, too; at this time we do play dough, at this time we go to the pool. Somehow, I never really got that off the ground this year. Abutting our vacation right against the start of school didn’t help the situation either. Since I came home with a stomach virus/sleeping sickness(!), I lost most of the week between vacation and school and never really got organized.

So here we are with a new season, a new opportunity. When the Bigs were little, I said that they did better with a routine; I think the real truth is, we all do. Here is my “block schedule” plan for the fall season.

7:30 Breakfast

      • M, W, F – 9:00-10:00 “School type” stuff with the 2- and 3- year old
      • Tu – 9:00 – 10:00 Errands
      • W – 10:30 – Story time at library
      • F – 9:45 – Pick up 4-year-old at school, shop at nearby grocery, play at park or swim (with picnic lunch)

1:30-3:00 PM, Rest time

      • M, W, Th 4:00 – Craft or cooking time
      • Tu, 4:00 – Shop at discount store or main grocery
      • Friday – Surprise day

6:00 Dinner

6:45 Family time, relaxing time

7:45 Littles to bed

On weekends, we try to plan one day for chores and one day for church and family fun. I think this weekend we will try again to teach the Littles to play Candyland.

Of course, none of this is set in stone; it is acted upon by sports practice, piano recitals, illness, doctor appointments and, well, life! Yet I notice something easing in me just putting it all on paper. Ahhh.

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Dreena Melea Tischler

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