A Waco, Texas family is celebrating the blessings of life and family. Pete and Rachael Younger are parents of two amazing children, Samuel and Owen. The family had their first son biologically. They really wanted to grow their family, but they faced fertility issues.

So Pete and Rachael considered something new. They both decided to adopt and to start pursuing the domestic adoption program. But then, they learned about the embryo adoption program through the same agency.

They were matched with and adopted five embryos. Two of the embryos were transferred and Owen was born. Their agency’s director, Erin Wheeler, stated, “This baby actually has two sets of real parents. They have genetic parents, but also just as real and just as important are his adoptive parents. So Pete and Rachael, they gave birth to him. They are legally his parents.”

They hope to meet the other frozen embryos soon. They enjoy always sharing their story and educating others about embryo adoption.

“I love being a dad. It’s the best job I could have, and I’ll have plenty of other jobs, but this is just more important,” Pete said.

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