The weight of the world instantly lifted off of the shoulders of Rachael and Jon Oren as they picked up their adopted son, Geneve, from Ethiopia. The long-awaited reunion was pure joy and relief.  In April 2017, the couple was on a plane to Africa to pick him up when an international adoption ban was placed. Even though the adoption had been finalized, and the only thing left was the visa, they were unable to get the paperwork needed to process his visa so he could leave the country. The ban put many families in a difficult situation, with their fate unknown.

Somehow, amid the ban, the paperwork was pushed through. Other families in similar situations rushed to pick up their children before any laws could be changed. After a grueling two-year adoption process, the last few months have been extraordinarily tough. Geneve has spent that time sleeping in an orphanage instead of at home with his family. The Orens have three biological children and another adopted child who have all been eagerly waiting for him to come home. They always felt he was a “perfect match” with their family, and now they can finally be together.

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