An adoption is a life-changing event. It is a process that will affect the adoptive family but will often impact the community where the family lives as well. Josh and Erin McCain are adoptive parents who were involved in love and support of their a community can offer.

The McCain family lives in Alabama and has had a passion for adoption. While they have three biological children, according to this local news article they wanted to grow their family through adoption. They were linked to an organization and will be adopting a son from India soon. The family finds fundraising opportunities through an organization.

A critical part of the adoption process is the cost; it is expensive and therefore cost prohibitive. Most international adoptions cost between $30,000-$40,000 (which usually includes travel expenses). Most adopting families must be very creative with fundraising ideas. One fundraising idea is working with the organization, Both Hands. This is an organization that pairs an adopting family with a widow in their community. The family will host a day where they and their friends sponsor the event, similar to how a sponsored race works. They will complete tasks for a homeowner that include yard work, basic cleaning, or whatever small tasks may be needed; they provide the labor. The funds received from the sponsors go towards the adoption expenses. This program is twofold, Both Hands not only benefits the adoptive family, it benefits the widow or widower in the assistance she or he receives.

“Both Hands” describes their program, “it’s very similar to raising sponsorship for a 5k race, but instead of running, the team is serving the widow. The funds raised help an orphan become adopted into a forever family. Both Hands-one hand for the widow, one hand for the orphan.”

The organization has set up a website for the McCain family to share their story. They also share information about the son they are adopting and the widow they will be serving. Anyone can go online to aid in their efforts and help the widow who they’re sponsoring.