Delores Wilson, affectionately called Mama Dee by more than 1,200 children throughout her lifetime, passed away from pancreatic cancer this month.  The Florida woman and her husband adopted some of the children they fostered.  Adopted herself, Delores would never turn a child away.  She saw good in children who may have seemed troublemakers to others.  Delores and Todd Wilson were married for 57 years – 50 of those years they were fostering children.  Never a biological mother, that didn’t deter Mama Dee from nurturing with tender love those who were placed in her care.

Delores & Todd’s adopted son, Jesse, remembers many children coming and going.  Her final days in the Hospice Center was a reunion of sorts, as many who were mothered by Delores came to see her.  “[The nurses] told me they’ve never had so many visitors. It’s like a bittersweet reunion. It’s foster kids I haven’t seen since I was six,” Jessie told the local news station. Mama Dee will be missed by all who knew her.

Watch the video here.