Would you ever consider adopting siblings and what if that number was seven? And then adopt ANOTHER child when asked by a family friend? The story of the Clarks is truly remarkable, now a family of eleven.  Jessaka and Joshua Clark, a young couple, wanted to start their family soon after being married. Although they were told they would have a hard time conceiving a child, it was less than a year later that Jessaka became pregnant.

Even though they had a son, adoption had always been in their hearts and they knew they wanted to adopt a sibling group. And one day they received a phone call from Georgia Children’s Services.  “Will you adopt a sibling group of 7?”

While it took some time and it was not an easy process or decision, they prayed about their family. Jessaka stated, “My husband wrote me a letter and said, ‘I know it’s difficult waiting but I know the kids are ours. I have no doubt they will be in our home next year.’”  Jessaka and Joshua had an open heart and opened their home to all 7 siblings.

But their story is not yet over and their family is not yet complete.  A family friend came to Jessaka and Joshua about her “current situation.”  She told them that she was pregnant and asked them if they would adopt her child. She wanted to give her child “a better life.”

This family has completely opened their hearts to not only the seven siblings, but this additional child as well. It takes a special kind of family to make such a big commitment and show that kind of love. I hope this story can be a source of encouragement and show that in the world we live in, there are still good people in the world. It only takes one person to make an impact in someone else’s life.

“God has moved mountains and there was no doubt in our mind they were ours from the moment we met them” Jessaka told People .