Being a movie star or professional athlete has its perks. Usually, those positions come with a large paycheck. Usually, it affords them exclusivities that “everyday” people do not have, luxuries we can’t afford. But another thing it gives them is a platform; a platform to support certain non-profit agencies and organizations or advocate a cause for which they are passionate.

For Bubba Watson, PGA golfer, and Jordy Nelson, former NFL player, that passion is adoption, and they have made adoption their platform. Both have two children through adoption. Bubba and Jordy have teamed up with Jockey and the Jockey Being Family foundation started by Jockey CEO Debra Waller. She also has a passion for adoption and has a special link to adoption being adopted as an infant.

Debra created the Jockey Being Family Foundation to advocate and raise awareness for adoption. They raise funds so they can assist adoptive families providing training, education and post-adoption services. They also give personalized backpacks to children who have been adopted.

The Jockey Being Family Foundation is making an impact on adoption all over the country. Anyone can support the organization by making a donation, attending fundraising events, or purchasing a blanket in which the proceeds go to the foundation. Their impact has been monumental: they have helped over 325,000 families, 18,000 backpacks have been given out, and 5,250 scholarships have been awarded.

Jockey’s third annual “Being Family” gala recently took place with many high profile people in attendance, including Bubba and Jordy. This is a Jockey Being Family Foundation major fundraiser with the funds being used to support adoptive families. They help new families through any issues which need to be resolved or addressed, one example, providing an interpreter for a family that adopted a child that did not speak English.

Adoption is a topic that does not get much publicity in our society. It is wonderful that large, well-known companies, such as Jockey, are teaming up with well-known athletes to support adoptive families.