John Abbell and his girlfriend placed their daughter for adoption in 1966. They wanted to give her the best home possible and felt that was the best decision. It turns out his daughter, Lara Bivenour, had spent her whole life wondering about her birth parents. She grew up in Indiana with her adoptive parents who she loved very much. She was always thankful and grateful to have had them. Sadly both have passed on. So she wanted the chance to have a reunion.

After taking an Ancestry DNA test, Lara reconnected with her birth father. She was so excited when she received the email titled “Our Miracle” from him. It was a long-awaited, emotional day. The letter was absolutely beautiful. Since then, the two have talked on the phone and are now meeting in person for the first time at the Boise Airport. A reunion long-waited for. They are pleasantly surprised at how much they are alike and how many things they have in common even after so many years apart. Lana is staying for a week-long visit, but plans to move here once her daughters finish school.

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