It’s Father’s Day, and I feel alone
No child to hold and call my own.
I had one once, but it died before birth
No chance to take steps upon this earth.

I am a father, but my heart’s still sad
I didn’t get a chance to become a Dad.
But please don’t feel too sorry for me
I’m happy to say I’m a father-to-be.

We’re adopting from China, that far ancient land
And there awaits a daughter to hold my hand.
I’ll be a dad in just one year
And then my heart will be filled with cheer.

So now I’ll wait for next Father’s Day
My heart will be ready ’cause God’s made a way
To fill the void that’s deep in my heart
His perfect plan from the very start.

I’ve finished the course, completed the chase,
Kept the faith and have won the race.
For God in His wisdom knows better than me
Just when she should come and sit on my knee.