Ken and Amy told the Sun Sentinel that they both always wanted to be parents.  But after meeting later in life and then dealing with infertility, the couple turned to adoption.  Ken’s mother was adopted, so the idea wasn’t foreign to them. The couple went through the informative adoption course offered by The Children’s Home Society, an organization dedicated to protecting and healing children through creating and building families.

Hoping to adopt a little boy, Ken’s wishes changed immediately when he caught sight of pictures of their two daughters-to-be. He knew immediately that these girls belonged to them.  The family is experiencing many firsts with the girls: First trip to Disney World, first time trick-or-treating, first night time rituals. The firsts are lovely, but for Ken, his fullest joy comes when the girls hug him and for no reason at all say “I love you.”


Hatchapong Palurtchaivong /