Julie and Will Rom of Cincinnati, Ohio have been fostering children for ten years. The couple was not able to conceive a child of their own. They never considered fertility treatments. It didn’t make sense to them to pay someone to help them have a child when there are already so many children who need care.

Over the last decade, the Roms have fostered children from seven different families. During the last three years they have acquired five siblings. The kids came to foster care from an unfit environment. First, Will and Truth came to live with them. The Roms would take them to visit their siblings in another foster home. Then later Marianna came. And finally the family welcomed KJ and Keyora.

Julie and Will had always discussed keeping the siblings if that option became available. The Roms say they have always felt the kids belonged to them. They take them to church and have them involved in sports. The couple even bought a bigger house and SUV to accommodate their growing family. The adoption was finalized on July 27 in Judge Ralph Winkler’s courtroom surrounded by family, friends, and teachers. A huge party was thrown to celebrate the adoption. Mostly they are all relieved the process is over. Will said once everyone is settled, they may decide to foster more children.

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