Mich Hamlin, his parents, and his two brothers were homeless. They slept beside dumpsters and in corners of the city park. A sweet thrift shop worker gave clothing and other items to the family to keep them warm and cared for. Mich and his brothers were taken from their parents and placed in foster care when he was 13 years old. Four months into foster care, Mich learned that his mother had passed away and his father had moved.

Times were tough. After high school graduation, Mich learned about a Cal Poly program called Renaissance Scholars, which helps former foster kids through college. Through this program, he was able to connect with a mentor and friend, Sara Gamez, another former foster kid who had been able to graduate from college. Mich began to excel academically, joined the track team, and was able to graduate with honors.

Now Mich is helping his brother through higher education and hopes that generations will be positively affected by their progress. One can’t help but be impressed by Mich’s courage, tenacity, and drive.

Watch the inspiring video about Mich here.