I'm searching for my entire birth family. Parents, siblings, anyone who will communicate. I was born in Mobile Alabama on 4.18.1964. I'm a female adoptee.
There is some secrecy around my birth, so the town may be wrong, but I was born in Alabama and adopted to my present parents through Social Services in Montgomery.
All serious inquiries will be answered.
My heart almost flipped when I read your post. Like you, I was born in Mobile, Alabama, and have been searching for quite a while.
I am a twin in search of my sister, and other siblings, birth family. We share the same birth day. I am born at Brookly Air Force Base. Were you? Would you by chance happen to be a twin? If not, I wish you well in your search for your birth family.
I am looking for my sis bmother. sis was born 03-12-60
In mobile Her mothers name was C. A.
Your mother was from Mobile, Al but the adoption agency was in Dothan, Al. I am on Twitter @jewels37. DM me I may have a little more info.
Please contact me Shawna. I know the circumstances surrounding your adoption. I know your nationality. I know your father's profession at the time. Please contact me.
My name is Nancy Thomas but at the time I was known as Nancy Johnson. My mother was Laurie Johnson with 5 Brothers. If this is you, our Father was Herman Paul Johnson. I believe you may have had an Aunt named Pat Murrell (Not sure of the last name spelling) and she had a daughter named penny. Your real Mom's name was Bonnie. If any of this sounds familiar, please contact me at Here's hoping this is you.