I'm looking for girls who lived at St. Mary's Home in Dorchester, MA. I lived there for 12 weeks during the summer of 1968. I have recently been in touch with the Home and would like to talk to others who have lived there.
Hugs, Susan Souza
Author of The Same Smile
Hi Misty,
I'm sorry but I don't know of anyone who was there during that time. I can't find anyone who was there in 1968 either. I think everyone is still in hiding.
Have you reunited with your child? Have you searched?
I hired a searcher from Cape Cod who found my daughter in less than 3 weeks.
Susan Souza
I know my birth mother was in a home for unwed mothers in Mass. but not sure if it was the same one you were in. She was 13 at the time of my birth. She was from Worcester. She named me Michelle. My birthdate is 9-7-68. Any of this sound familiar to you???
Wow Susan I Would Love To Speak To You! My Mom Delivered A Baby Girl At St Marys On 4/14/68. And We Are Currently Searching For Her. Id Love To Get The Name Of The Lady In The Cape That Helped You!
Can anyone tell me where the babies went after they were born to mothers at St. Mary's?
I know I was baptized at St. Kevin's, but nothing after that.
I am seaching for a sibling that was given up for adoption at birth in 1949-1951. I was told that my mother "went away" to work for the summer down the Cape. Does anyone know names of places she would have gone to have her baby? Any help would be appreciated...thank you.