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Note: The State of Illinois has a “Confidential Intermediary” search program that will locate and contact birth relatives.
Using a confidential intermediary:
Adopted adults 18 or older and adoptive parents of an adoptee younger than 18 may use the confidential intermediary service. The State of Illinois or the adoption agency that handled your adoption will provide this service. Be aware that the person that is contacted has the right to decline contact and if that happens you will not be given any contact or identifying information to contact them yourself.
Contact the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption or the office below:
State of Illinois
Confidential Intermediary Service
3158 Des Plaines River Road
Suite 120
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(847) 298-9096; (847) 298-9097
(847) 298-9097 (fax)
Effective January 1, 2004, adopted people 21 and older and adoptive parents can obtain a court-appointed confidential intermediary without proving medical or psychological cause, as they had to under the old law in Illinois. Additionally, birth parents now will be permitted to participate in the intermediary program once the children they placed reach age 21. All parties can access the intermediary program for the purpose of exchanging medical information, obtaining identifying information or arranging contact with mutually consenting biological relatives. Previously, intermediaries could only seek medical information from biological relatives. Provided a "sought-after relative" has not filed a Denial of Information Exchange, the confidential intermediary will inform such relatives of the petitioner's request and of their options. The law also allows adult adoptees access to non-identifying information on original birth certificates and the "actual date and place of birth."
Other Resources in Illinois:
For adoption related information and records:
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Division of Foster Care and Permanency Services
406 East Monroe Street, Station 25
Springfield, IL 62701-1498
(217) 524-2422
Fax: (217) 524-3966
Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: For private adoptions, an adopted adult may obtain non-identifying information. For adoptions facilitated through the State Department of Child and Family Services, adopted adults, birth parents, and adoptive parents may receive non-identifying information.
Obtaining Identifying Information: Identifying information is provided through an Adoption Registry.
Using the Adoption Registry: Birth parents, adopted adults 21 or older, adopted adults younger than 21 with the consent of their adoptive parents, and birth siblings 21 or older may use the registry. Adoptive parents, adopted adults, birth parents, and birth siblings* may exchange updated medical information throughout the life of the adopted adult. The registry also may act as an intermediary if either party does not want to be contacted. All parties also may exchange pictures and written statements through the registry. *Note: This rule does not apply for non-relinquished birth siblings looking for a relinquished birth sibling if the birth parents are living and do not give their permission. However, if the birth parents are deceased a non-relinquished sibling can use the registry once they provide the registry with copies of the death certificates of the birth parents.
Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange (IARMIE)
Department of Public Health
Division of Vital Records
535 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62761
(217) 557-5159 or toll-free in Illinois (877) 323-5299
Website for downloading forms: [url=]Illinois Adoption Registry[/url]
Obtaining an Original Birth Certificate: An adoptee may receive through the registry or petition the court in which the adoption was finalized.
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Thanks for the info. Yep, it is a bit confusing but I'm beginning to believe that *my* case is confusing.
There are several BIG gaps that I'm not sure how to fill (since my adoptive parents are both dead). There are no papers (legal or otherwise) regarding my adoption and I was supposedly adopted from Catholic Charities (St Vincent's) in Chicago. When I called Catholic Charities several years ago to ask for non-identifying information, they informed me they had NO record of my folks.
I have an adoptive daughter and I have oodles of paperwork, including the final decree. My mother was very open about my adoption and she kept everything! This isn't making much sense to me, but there might be something more to it (or nothing more to it) than I know about. The more I start looking, the more I sense a private adoption.
The only thing I do know is that I have a legal Illinois birth certificate and I have a social security number!:) I have a family reunion coming up in June and I'll be asking more questions...
It sounds, however, as though I'm stuck having to get the court in Missouri to issue the court order and forward it to the State of Illinois. Yikes, but it's do-able....
To open the sealed Adoption file that the Illinois Dept. of Public Health/Div. of Vital Records have and obtain a copy of the original birth certificate -- the court order MUST be issued by the State and County where the adoption was finalized and it must direct the Department to open the file and release the record. Hope this helps clear up the confusion. You can also go to their web site for more information [url][/url]
Addcitionally --- as of 1/1/04 any adopted person registered with the IARMIE who was born in Illinois and there are indications their adoption occurrd in another state or country can request that the name of the state or country where the adoption was finalized and , if available, the agency involved in the adoption be released to them.
Does anyone know how to obtain a Court Order to get the Adoption record opened. I was born in Cook County.
I'm a reunited adoptee, but upon making inquiry to my agency for a relative today, I learned that if an adoptee was ever a ward of the State, i.e., if DCFS was involved in your adoption, the CI services are free!!! The agency social worker suggested that my relative contact the agency that's doing the CI work for the State, Midwest Adoption Center, or something like that, to ask them to see if DCFS was involved.
Now, HUGE caveat for all of you searchers: you may have been a DCFS ward and not know about it. That was my situation. I had a brief "pit stop" in foster care between hospital discharge and placement. This didn't come out until I was in reunion with bmom. As far as she was concerned, she gave me up to DCFS. As far as I ever knew, I was adopted through a private agency. Subcontracting!!!!!!
Good luck all.
I was amazed by the statement that CI services were "free" to DCFS parties. So I did some checking with my sources and this is what I was told.
Midwest does facilitate both of these programs. Searches for DCFS program parties are free thru that side of the Midwest program.
HOWEVER - The CI services are a totally seperate Midwest program and there are fees involved no matter what program or process your adoption was completed through.
anyone know about him
i am still looking after 39 years
just want to know if everything worked out
as i could not take care of him
i hope he got to a good family
[font=Comic Sans MS]For those searching in and around Barrington (wherever that is), I came across this site. [/font]
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[font=Comic Sans MS][url=""][/url][/font]
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[font=Comic Sans MS]Might come in handy matching up names and dates.[/font]
I was born in Iowa, but my adoptive parents lived in Illinois. I'm assuming my adoption was finalized in Illinois. Should I contact the State of Illinois? Would I need to contact the county that my adoptive parents lived in at the time of finalization? The contact at the State of Iowa said I would probably need to deal with the county.
I should add that I have no idea what service, if any, my parents used. That probably makes it difficult, eh?
Im trying to find my birth sister who was born at Cook County Hospital on 6/3/74 to a C. Dorsey age 16 1/2. Baby was born with a low birth weight. If anyone has any information on where to begin please email me at
My husband was born in July 1968 in Chicago, so he's not your son, but many of us have original surnames from court papers. Perhaps you could list more information? "Chicago" is quite broad. Good luck. I hope you find each other!
Amy (also an adult adoptee, lucky enough to be in reunion with birthmother, but still looking for birthfather)
I am looking for my sister in law who was givin up for adoption. I have her name at birth, 1 of 2 bithdates, mothers name (who has since passed away) what hospital she was born at, the city of Chicago IL. she was givin to a friend of the grandmothers (who has also passed away) no family members will give us any info and state that they cant remember or dont know anything. What can I do to find her? I dont have any money to pay to search for her. I also know that she was givin to a family in Indiana. Any help??:grr:
I am trying to help my Love find his birth mother. He was born July 8th 1982 at Cook County Hospital in Chicago Illinois. His birth mother named him Nathan Micheal Tanner. He was given to Lutheran social services from which he was adopted when he was 3 weeks old.