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The State of Michigan has a “Confidential Intermediary” search program that will locate and contact birth relatives. Contact the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption or the office below for more information:
Michigan Family Independence Agency
Child and Family Services Administration
P.O. Box 30037, Suite 413
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 373-3513
Fax: (517) 335-4019
Confidential Intermediary: Confidential intermediaries are provided through the court for adopted adults, birth parents, birth grandparents, birth siblings, adoptive parents of a minor adoptee, and descendants of a deceased adopted adult. If the person who is located declines contact the person searching is not given any information to contact their relatives.
An adopted adult's adoption record is usually held in the Family Division of Circuit Court (formerly the probate court) closest to the adoptive parents. The court should be able to provide the name of the agency that handled the adoption. Adopted adults may contact the Department of Community Health, Customer Services Section, 3423 North Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., PO Box 30195, Lansing, MI, 48909 to request the name of the court that finalized the adoption.
Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults, direct descendants of a deceased adopted adult, adoptive parents, birth parents, and birth siblings may obtain non-identifying information. Contact the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption.
Identifying Information: Adopted adults can receive information through the State registry on the birth parents and birth siblings. Birth parents and birth siblings can receive the adopted adult's information, if the adopted adult provided written consent through the agency that completed the adoption and the court that finalized the adoption.
Michigan Adoption Registry: If parental rights were terminated prior to May 28, 1945, or after September 12, 1980, and there is no parental statement of denial found in the registry, the adopted adult can receive information on the birth parents and Birth Siblings. If parental rights were terminated after May 28, 1945, but before September 12, 1980, the information will be released if the birth parents or birth siblings have filed consent through the registry.
Michigan Family Independence Agency
Adoption Services Division
PO Box 30037
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 373-3513
Original Birth Certificate: If parental rights were terminated prior to May 28, 1945, or after September 12, 1980, an adopted adult may receive a copy of the original birth certificate if there is no denial statement on file. If parental rights were terminated between May 28, 1945 and September 12, 1980, an adopted adult must petition the court in which the adoption was finalized.
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I am looking for my sister, she was born 12-14-54,her mothers name at birth was Bessie Mae Patterson, her fathers name was James green, she was born in Michigan, in a place for unwed mothers, my mom named her Debra sue or Debra ann patterson,my mom was 17 at the time. that is all the information that I have. Can you help me. thanks chella
Looking for a cousin who was born blind given up for adoptin at age 4-7 years (or so ) . Her name was Dianna birth last name before adoption LeGrow . May have adopted thru Michigan birth town (maybe ) Grand Rapids . Her birth moms name Reba LeGrow (last name not sure) Birth moms maiden name was Farver . Dianna would be in her 50-60s now . LAdy ThunderHorse
Ok so I am looking for my paternal grandparents.
My dad was given up for adoption. His birthday is May 7 1968. His adoption date is July 18, 1968.
My grandpa was 21 at the time and my grandma would have been 18. He was given up in Kalamazoo Michigan and then born some where north of Kalamazoo. Towards Rose city area I think.
What if you don't have the $$ for a Confidential Intermediary? The one I was originally speaking with wanted $300! I don't have that laying around to just throw out the window... Where else can I start where I can get info?