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For adoption related information and records:
South Carolina Department of Social Services
Division of Human Services
PO Box 1520
Columbia, SC 29202-1520
(803) 898-7707
Toll Free: (800) 922-2504
Fax: (803) 898-7792
Non-Identifying Information: An adopted adult, birth parents and adoptive parents can receive information at the discretion of the CEO of the adoption agency.
Identifying Information: An adopted adult age 21 or older can receive information on the birth parents and birth siblings, and birth parents and birth siblings can receive information regarding the adopted adult if affidavits with consent to release information have been filed with an agency. The agency must maintain a registry containing the affidavits of consent. All who register must go through counseling with the agency.
Using the South Carolina Adoption Registry: The following persons may use the adoption registry: adopted adults, birth parents and birth siblings either through the agency or State.
South Carolina Department of Social Services
Adoption Reunion Registry
PO Box 1520
Columbia, SC 29202-1520
(803) 734-6095
(800) 922-2504
Original Birth Certificate: An adoptee must petition the court in which the adoption was finalized.
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I e-mailed and got this response today... Just thought I would share it with the board, maybe it will help save other's some time. I assume most adoptees feel the same as I do... any info is precious, and needs to be shared... thank you very much for the links, and the information searchguru!!!
The text of the e-mail reads:
You may telephone Debra Kent at 803-898-7460 for information. The Department has records of adoptions completed through the Children's Bureau of South Carolina and the South Carolina Department of Social Services. We do not have records of private adoptions, however, Ms. Kent can give you the names of
private organizations that assist adoptees with searching for information.
Do you live in S.C.? Do you know your bparents names? I was raised and live in N.Y. so, it makes it that much harder for me to get info. I feel like I need to be phyically in the town I was born to get anything. I can't even seem to get my non-id. I feel alone sometimes and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with my search. I have a search angel that offered help some months ago but, I don't seem to get any answers from them. :confused:
I know my birthmother's name, and have quite a bit of information about her. I've grown very close to her family... but my birthmother herself died in a car accident before I met her. I'm searching for my birthfather, or any other relatives on his side that wish to have contact. Her family wasn't really close to her after she left home, and it seems that no one really knows who her friends were, or how to get in touch with anyone who would know.
One of my b.mother's sisters claims to know who my birth father is, but won't give me "for sure" names. She claims to not remember for certain. (yeah right... this guy was supposed to have been her roomate at one time. don't think too many people share an apartment with someone and not know their last names)
SO... I'm banging my head against a brick wall most of us here are all too familiar with. I guess until the day comes that b.mother's sister decides to spill it, I'm out of luck. I've tried talking to her grave more than once, and for some reason, lol, it just doesn't hold up conversation very well.... guess that's a little morbid huh?:rolleyes:
You say your birthmother's sister may hold the answer...I take it she is being unreasonable? The state of S.C. is a horrible state when it come to information on adoption...I feel for ya...I am in the beginings of my search...the Search Guru has gave me more information than, anyone I have contacted. Good luck on your search!:)
Yes, she is the only person alive that I know for certain has the information I'm looking for. She won't budge off of it. Last I was in contact with her she made promises that she was going to send me the one picture of him that she has, and that she was making attempts to contact him. She has not followed through with those promises, and will not give me any information to search on my own.
I am very disheartened and have thrown my hands up in disgust more than once. My current efforts concentrate on the attorneys who handled my end of the case, and my adopted parents end of the case. My adopted parents have been so suportive of my efforts, and have helped me with all they know. I just wish I could say the same for my birthmother's family.
Thank you for your reply. Sorry for hijacking the thread! ;)
Have you tried to get acces to the deceased lawyers files? I know a girl that found her records that way. They were stored in a mini-storage. Just a thought. Good Luck. Tricia
I'm not exactly sure what she told them, but I believe she spoke to the lawyers sec. and she ask the wife and the wife said she could go thru the records. I guess it all depends on the circumstances. I also recommend petitioning the court for the release of the original b.c. You would need to check on the
laws in your state, but this is what I did. It did not cost me anything, but every state is different. Tricia
PS I read a post somewhere on this forum about a lady that found her records in the garage of her deceased lawyer's home. Hey, when I was searching I was willing to try anything.;)
How do you go about petitioning the courts. Is this something that needs to be done in person or can you do it by mail? I'm asking because I was born in Columbia SC but, I live in CT. I welcome any help I can get. I'm having a hard time with this.
i am just starting my search. i have read the messages from all you guys. i just dont know where to begin. i have the law firm but cant locate them on the web its been almost 40 yrs so they might be out of business. any one heard of davis,davis and bernstein? also if you are a birthparent looking for your son born in st frances charleston sc 1965 at 12:04 pm white male adopted parents were in the military..they moved me to ok right and dad were in shoe was 25 dad around 30. any onfo you guys have with my search is appreciated.
I was also adopted in charleston sc. the att is deceased and his wife refuses to help me in any way. i wrote to dss and they told me that since my adoption was private that they had no way to help me. it states in my decree of adoption that DSS was not to be involved no matter what. i wrote to a judge asking for help and they told me that there was nothing that they could do. i talked to an att and he told me that there was little chance for me to get any information inless it was life or death. all i am asking for is a medical history. how hard could that be to get. i guess sc is wanting to make it so hard on me that i will give up. well i can't give up my kids need a medical history from me. the 2 oldest have learning disibalitys and the 3 year old has sever infantile scoliosis. I NEED HELP!!!! can't afford to hire anyone to help me. can't afford to go to charleston ( live in wilkes nc now) I'm stuck!!!!
Okay,I am in South carolian and here is what I can tell you I have learned so far.
DSS will not help you at all with private adoption stuff. The Judges can't because the files are sealed and so you must go before the court and ask the files to be opend, but know that it has never happened in SC history, except once in the 70's and they opened them looked at em, (the judges) and then refused to let the adoptee see them and sealed them back.
Lawyers can sometimes be helpful, but after about 25 years they destroy their files. Had that happen to me, Doctors can also be helpful, but only if their alive, they sometimes still have the records.
You can also try going to the hospital in which you were born and asking for your medical records just be sure not to say I was adopted, sometimes they forget to blot things out on your file and some people have found info that way. If any one wants my help looking up stuff let me know.
I don't see how going to the hospital can result in any information, unless you know your bmom's name. And even then, with the new HIPPA laws, they can't legally release medical info w/out the person's consent. And more than likely the files are in bmom's name and if you know that, then what's the point in going to the hospital? Also, after so many years, most hospitals put records in archives (usually a mini storage building) and getting to them takes an act of Congress.
I don't know of anyone that has gotten results this way, I even tried myself to no avail.
So far as filing a petition....just because it's not been done very often should NOT be a deterent. I believe if more adoptees would file a petition, the courts would have to change their stance on releasing records. Afterall, who gives these judges their jobs? WE DO!!!!
When I filed in 2001 (in NC) only 1 other person had done so in my county, but that didn't stop me. Now from what I'm told, a flood of petitions are pouring in, and the State (NC) is not fighting them.
If you'd like a sample petition (for NC, but can be altered for SC), pm me an e-mail addie and I'll get it to you.
please help me to understand why it is so hard to get any information in S.C? Please!!! i have done everything that i can to find out information on my adoption but no one is willing to tel me anything. how can i get my non-id information? can anyone tell me that? where do i look for that at who do i talk to about that? Please someone help me. at least to find out my non-id information. is that too much to ask for? thanks :grr:
Why because sc sucks!!!!! If you were adopted through the sate then you must contact the dss people, but they are closed today. If you were a private adoption you must find the lawyers who handled it and they will have ( maybe if they haven't destroyed it like they did mine) all the non Id info. If I can help ya let me know. I been at this awhile now