Does anyone know how long it takes, on average, to get your request for non-identifying info from post adoption services in Fredericton? I requested back in July and expect it to take about a year but some peole have said it could be years! So, anyone out there know? Also, I am curiuos to know what type of info they give you normally. Hope someone can help, Thanks. :confused:
Just to let you know, I received my information yesterday, November 27th. So it took around 4 or 5 months; not bad!
Lucky you. :)
I requested mine in February this year (2004)
and here it is almost the end of Sept. and still nothing.
I called today and they told me that I had 8 other people ahead of me.... I asked well will it be much longer? And she said that she couldn't tell me that they had other jobs to do and they did the non id's when they could get around to it.
Such great attitudes from people that hold a key in a persons search.
I feel so frustrated and helpless today.
I had my non id info done. It took me about 5 months to hear back.
I found out how old my mom was and about her family. They also mentioned health issues in the family. They also mentioned what they knew about my father as well. I was informative and sad at the same time.
Hope that helps
How does one go about getting their non id info? who do you call and what info do you need to provide? any info would be great!!
Post Adoption Services
Health and Community Services
P.O. Box 5100
Fredericton, NB
Canada E3B 5G8
Tel: (506) 453-2949
thats the addy I used... they will send you out a form to fill in the information u know..
I had to know my birth name date of birth and birth place.. then all u can do is wait for the info to come back.
Hope this helps u...
I got my non id info today....
sadly, there isn't much in it about my birth mom...
no medical info, no family traits, no personality traits, no info about the family... nothing....... my adoption wasn't done properly because it was a "private" adoption.........
I'm so frustrated!!!
Tina, sorry to hear about your non-id info, or lack of rather. Please give us an update on how you are doing and if you have made any progress. I may know a lady who can help you.
I know the feeling of being frustrated. Every time u turn around u get blocked somewhere else. I honestly don't know where to go now. :(