Foster parent 'application' denied
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We wanted to become foster parents and went to several meetings, got all the info, filed out some initial paperwork. got a call today from the agency that handles the process in our area informing us that we could not really become foster parents since my husband works for the department in a different county however. I feel it's all BS - they just do not want us since my husband knows how the system is supposed to work and could possibly create problems if this private agency screws up. so much for that!! Any input?????:mad:
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Did you ask them why your application was denied? Approach them with the understanding that you might be able to fix what needs fixing to be eligible. Don't let them on that this is what you suspect. Get their reason in writing if possible. If you are that bad, as they say you are, then you need to "fix" what's broken.
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It may be that there is a standing policy that they don't let people who work for the department become foster parents.

When you become a foster parent the agency that licenses you whether it is directly with the state or a private agency, that agency is responsible for monitoring and supervising it's foster homes. If you husband works in the department than one of his co-workers than becomes his supervisor when it comes to his foster home. This could cause some problems and that is maybe why they may have a policy in place that individuals who work for the department or agency can't become foster parents.
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My husband works for Dept. of Children and Families in a different county than the one we actually live in. In our county foster services have been privatized already and it is the private contractor that denied our application to become foster parents.
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I see. Don't know why then that they would deny you. I don't see a major conflict of interest.

Did they give you a reason of the deniel. Ask them if they have a policy regarding how detailed of a reason they have to give applicants.

And the Dept. of Children and Families allow their employees to be foster parents. I know in some states the State departments won't allow it, even if it is with a private agency.
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No, they never really gave us a solid reason - just a bunch of excuses. We provided them with letters from my husban's supervisors explaining that there is no problem about him being a foster parent but still..... I am more and more convinced now that this private contractor just is afraid that if they screw up they won't be able to cover it up since my husband knows the system and knows how it is supposed to work.

By the way, meanwhile we found out that one of the case workers of this private agency is a foster parent. Now - if this is not conflict of interest then I don't know what is.

Hopefully, with tomorrow's election things may change here in Florida. Maybe with a new governor even DCF will see psoitive changes.
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This does sound frustrating. They did not give you any reasons such as they don't feel you have certain skills, etc. They just said no, with no reasons? Have you asked for a copy of thier grievence procedures, to see if there is a chain of command you can appeal this decision.

the only thing I can think of is that staff member is a foster parent, but not with the agency itself. Of maybe later the decided they were going to make it a policy to not allow staff to be foster parents or people for the state department, but this person was grandfathered in.

I don't know, sounds confusing. Can you go with another agency or directly with the state?

Good luck.
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