The Homestead maternity home and All Saints Hospital in Texas
please let me know if anyone knows more about this.
I was told in 1989 by a woman I was paying to help me search that my mother might of been at the Homestead maternity home and that the records were burned by a Rev. Durham and then the home was closed.
Also that they allowed the babies to go home direct from the hospital.
Also that they used the All Saints hospital in Ft. Worth Texas.
Also on my birth certificate it says my mother lives at 3207 James street. I was told and sent a map that there isnt that address. I was also told that this address is close to where the Homestead maternity Home resided. Does anyone know where that home was at in Ft. Worth?
Or anything about this Rev. Durham?
I know Im asking alot but Im back on the horse so to speak and Im on a misson.
Finding my family!!
I dont know anything about Homestead, but I did a search for it, and found one registry....however that URL is no longer I dont know.

You said you have a copy of your OBC and your Sealed Records?
original birth certificate
Hi again
Yes I do.
Its never helped.
Geez . It seems Ive been hooked to this site since I found it today..:_)
Your birthmother, does it say where she was born or anything?

Ruth Ann Cook? Is that what you said in the other post?

I'm just wondering if she is from the area, or if she was bussed into the adoption meca known as Fort Worth Smile

Are you still in Texas?
There is an online registry for isnt funded by the state or anything...but it seems to have a lot of registers.

Also, it tends to attract angels, who can help you for free.

Go to the [URL=]site[/URL] and register...and I am sure someone will help if they can.

Be sure to provide AS MUCH info as you can....but hold something back for confirmation.

Other than that, I dont know.
birthmom from Homestead
I was a birthmom at Homestead in Fort Worth, Texas. I entered the home in Sept. 1970. It was owned, if I remember right, by a retired minister and his wife. We went to school at the home which was located near where Harris Methodist is located now and close to Rosedale Street. I remember it as a 2 to 3 story red brick bldg. We all had chores, had to do our classwork and go to Dr. appointment, which was Dr. Parchman. I was so unhappy there because I didn't want to give him up but had no choices, or so I thought at the time. I gave birth on Feb. 21, 1971, and it was a difficult birth. I was really sick and all I remember was how mean one of the nurses was to me, or some of the things she said hurt me! I never saw him or held him and all I remember was that I cried all the time and still to this day, it affects me, even thought I have come to terms with what happened and I know it was the right thing to do I have since been married for 22 years and have two beautiful 13 year old twin boys. I have searched for as long as I can remember, but with no luck. I found out that the Ministers son burned all the records, but I will not give up and will always think of him until I am gone. I pray he is with a loving family and now has one of his own, but wish that he could hear it from me and meet his brothers. Now you know my story and I wish I could help you with your search....let me know.

Lost love in Texas.....
Homestead and texas
Im very disappointed that there arent more people that havent responded to this thread....
There has to be more Homestead babies..unless they were just born in Texas and dont know that it was the Homestead.
They just know Ft. Worth.....
I'll keep looking...Gonna start a new thread today untill it makes a blanket...:_)
Hey.....I just stumbeld upon this message board. I, too was an adopted child. i was born in Ft. Worth Texas on October 1, 1969. I know I went trough the Homestead Agency in Ft. Worth. I don't really know all that much about my birth parents. i am trying to find them, but haven't had any luck yet. I would greatly appreciate any help any of you may have to give
homestead search
I am a Homested birthmother. If you have not found any information on Homestead please let me know. I do have some information on the home. My son was born 2/3/60 at St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Worth.
Love to you......patms
Hello New comer
No I dont know anything about the Homestead, except the "myths" told to me about it. I'm not even sure that I was born their but everything suggests to it. No other place has info on me. Just the way my adopted parents exsplained it sounded so like it.
I'd love to hear what you know. Everything I know is what you have read before me.
email address:
write me at my home address if you want.
Homestead search
It will take me a few days to get all my information out. I have not looked at it for about 3 years. My bson was born 2/3/60 and in `97 I started to look for him. I found a very dead end. I signed up at the Texas Central Adoption Agency, Austin, Tx. and on 12/13/99 I was notified he passed away in 1986 at the age of 26 years. He died of a drug overdose. I joined TxCare and searched for his a-parents. I did find his amom and met her and she talked to me about Tom and gave me pictures. I gave birth to 3 girls and 2 boys. My dear son, Sam passed away on 9/7/01 from cancer only 11 days after we found out what was wrong with him. I have not wanted to do much of anything for the last few years. I have been too sad to care about much. I dont know what prompted me to see what I could find on the net about Homestead this week. I guess I am here to share the little I know with you. The first thing you should do is sign up with the Texas Central Adoption Agency. They do have the names of some Homestead babies. If you and the person you are searching for both sign up they will make a match and will put you in touch with each other. I will get my information together and I will need to mail you a package. Homestead closed in 1971 and all of the information was burned. We Homestead people are a group who have a hard time searching. I have been to a Homestead Reunion in Ft Worth. I dont know if they have them any more. I will tell you how to find out and some more H-people to contact.
Love to you.....patms
Homestead 5-13-68 Multiple Births
Keep up the search, I know it's hard with limited information.
Homestead children were placed after six weeks of care with foster parents. There were only a few couples who provided this service.
I am looking for my birthmother who went by the names Gwen Patterson, Donna Patterson, or Guess Donna Duncan, Birthdate: 06/24/37, from AZ.
She would have given birth to multiple births on 5-13-68 at All Saints Hospital.
For those of you new to the search, birthmothers from this home had fake names and real names, the fake name generally had the same initial as their real names.
Re: homestead search
Originally posted by patms
I am a Homested birthmother. If you have not found any information on Homestead please let me know. I do have some information on the home. My son was born 2/3/60 at St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Worth.
Love to you......patms
Hello, I was adopted thru the Homestead Adoption Agency also. I was born on 5/12/60, so I,m sure you were ther with my birth mother. I do know that she was 16 at the time. Do you know the address of the Homestead Agency? Any info you may have would really be appreciated.
Homestead Baby Born Premie 10/10/63
Trying to help my girlfriend find bmom. Melissa Carol Ramey (adopted name) was born 2 months premie on 10/10/63, adopted through Homestead in Ft. Worth. Birth mother listed on paperwork as Angie Smith (NOT real name), adopted by Ernest and Shirley Ramey of Corpus in April 1964. Melissa is 5'4", dark red hair, hazel eyes, possibly Irish descent?

Read all the posts about Homestead records being destroyed - very disappointing.

Thanks in advance for any info.
Homestead your the worst
Dearest Meri,
Just saw your letter.
It is true, as far as we know they lied on our records and then the worst destroyed what hope we could have.
I have very harsh feelings towards those people. I just wish for once someone would come forth and tell the truth. Someone who knew the owners/directors or who worked there.
Im sure my mother has passed by now I am 48. But I will not give up until I die.
I too want to see my mom.
Good luck.
You could probably e-mail PatM on her personal e-mail. She wrote me a couple of times and was very nice.
Good luck and Dont ever give up!!
Funny you described you natural mother the same description of my natural mother. Weird.
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