We are in the process of adopting a 2 year old (been waiting for over a year). But I am looking for a very meaningful adoption song to sing at the church on the day she is dedicated. If you know of songs/lyrics/music, etc. can you pls. pass it on.
Thank you!
We sing "I'll lift you up on Eagle's wings"
for a closing song and it would fit. I'm not sure who it's written by...
"Blest be the tie that binds" sounds like a great benediction.
"I'll lift you up on eagle's wings" sounds great. Does anyone know who wrote this song or the words..that would be great.
Keep praying everyone that Nov. 15th I may become officially the mother of my little girl. Nothing may go wrong in the court and the judgment may be in my favor. Our God is an unfailing God. He has brought me this far.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement.
Isn't it exciting planning for your baby's dedication even though you've never seen her in's almost like giving birth..until you give are only imagining the precious one growing in you. The only difference is here she is growing in my heart.
As I was browsing through Adoptionshop, I came across this CD listing. Has anyone purchased this CD. Is it really meaningful.
Before I make the purchase, I needed the expert opinion of my other adoptive parents...did this cd help you/comfort you as you longingly waited to receive your little one in your arms???
Adoption... The Songs You Love, Vol. 1 CD
A compilation of favorite adoption songs for those who are hoping to adopt, have adopted already, are an adoptee, a birthparent, or are touched by adoption in any way, this music will move you in a way that no other CD will.
CD Includes:
1. I Knew I Loved You- Jenee Wright Prince
by Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones/WB Music Corp.
2. From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours- Linsey Brinkerhoff
by Michael McLean/Shining Star Music, Inc.
3. Blessed- Rob Gardner
by Elton John & Bernie Taupin/ WB Music Corp.
4. Silent Lullaby- Clarissa Dane
by Clarissa Dane
5. Your Song- Jenee Wright Prince
by Elton John & Bernie Taupin/ Universal Songs of Polygram
6. Angel- Linsey Brinkerhoff
by Sarah McLachlan/ Sony/ATV Songs LLC.
7. Somewhere Out There (from 'An American Tale')- Bailee Brinkerhoff and Children's Choir
by James Horner, Cynthia Well & Barry Mann/ Universal MCA Music Publishing
8. Love Takes You In- Rob Gardner
by Steven Curtis Chapman/ EMI Christian Music Publishing
9. Because You Loved Me- Linsey Brinkerhoff
by Dianne Warren/ Real Songs
10. Once Upon A December (from 'Anastasia')- Bailee Brinkerhoff
by Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens/ TCF Music Publishing, Inc.
11. Lullaby- Rob Gardner
by Billy Joel/ Impulsive Music
12. The Promise- Jenee Wright Prince
by Tracy Chapman/ EMI April Music, Inc. & Purple Rabbit Music
[QUOTE]Originally posted by VIO
"I'll lift you up on eagle's wings" sounds great. Does anyone w who wrote this song or the words..
this one is called "on eagle's wings" i'm not sure if it's the one you're looking for. it's by Michael Joncas. the refrain is :
And he will raise you up on eagle's wings
bear you on the breath of dawn
make you to shine like the sun
and hold you in the palm of his hand.
if that sounds like the one you're looking for let me know and i'll give you the rest of the words.
I know it might sound silly to you at first, but what about the song Phil Collins did for the movie Tarzan "you'll be in my heart" ?the words to that are awsome.
I am crazy about "Adoption...The Songs You Love". I purchased it in the Spring while in the "waiting" stage. Now, I rock my five month old to it at night and realize how very blessed I am. She too loves it and the wording is quite touching.
Thank you so much for responding. I have been waiting to hear from someone about the CD. As soon as I log off, I am going to go ahead and order the CD.
Keep praying. We have sent in our immigration papers and hoping to bring our little girl home by mid January.
God is good.
You and your daughter are in our prayers!:) Now you've got me in search of a special song for our babys baptism.
January is just around the corner!! Keep busy and it will fly.
Yes, God is good!!
I was looking for the perfect song for my son's baptism. Of course, I found this CD the week after his big day. The title is "Lullabies - Close Your Eyes." The song "This Child" is amazing! The song begins:
"This child is everything we've ever dreamed,
This child, reflecting your majesty,
Lord, we've been so blessed we promise to do our best.
This child, part of your master plan,
So muich we don't understand,
Help us do Your will and seek Your guiding hand.
This child, Your child
A gift from heaven's heart,
We pray today for wisdom from the start.
May we always be seeking You faithfully,
Lord, we come to dedicate to You.
This child, with so much of life to learn,
A road with choices at every turn,
As he sees us live, may we show the love You give.
This child, Your child
A gift from heaven's heart,
We pray today for wisdom from the start,
May we always be seeking you faithfully,
This child's journey of life has just begun
We pray that he finds life in Your only Son.
The music to this song is amazing! I was trying it out at a Christian bookstore with headphones on. It brought me to tears. I believe each of our children and all children of this world are chosen by God for a purpose in His kingdom. I feel priveledged to be a mother and yet, I try to keep focused on the fact that my son is God's son, chosen for His work. I feel it is my responsibility to do everything I can to nurture and guide Him to find His purpose in his Father's kingdom.
Good luck finding a song,
OK, I know this is a thread about songs, but someone mentioned Disney's Tarzan. I saw it about a year ago, just when we were getting very serious about adoption. That movie dissolved me into a pool of tears.
Thanks for the heads up on the CD; sounds good! I'll order it!
Thanks for sharing the words to "This Child"! I love it and just ordered the CD. I think we've found our song.:)
After reading the words, I just had to order that CD too. I found it for a great price on [url][/url]
Thanks Gayle for sharing!
Thank you Gayle. I think I have found my song for my baby's dedication..the words to Lullabies - this child" is just absolutely perfect. Thank yooooooooooooou so much. I see that you've helped lot of other mothers too :-)
Hi all,
Just wanted to let ya all know that there are several copies of the CD with "This Child" on it on Ebay. I just got mine for $1.00 plus $2.50 shipping. Can't beat that!
Thank you Gayle for introducing me to "this Child". I got the CD yesterday "Lullabies, close your eyes" from [url][/url] And the words, like you said is just perfect. We must've heard that song atleast 20 times between last evening and today. My husband is going to sing this song on her dedication. It is so all those who do not have that CD, it's a worthwhile investment. Amom4life wrote that you can also find it on ebay at a much cheaper price.
Get yourself a copy!
We love that song "This Child" is just perfect. Can anyone tell me where I can find a midi or a track for that song. I have plenty of baby will not be coming home till January.
Any suggestions????