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I have learned that there is a Deaconess home for unwed mothers, I think the name is Our Lady something or other and that there is a Deaconess Hospital. I was told by my mom that they picked me up from Deaconess Hospital on 9/30/1965 and I was born on 9/13/1965. So do you think that my bmom might have stayed at the home before I was born...I guess what I am asking is do you think they were one in the same at the time? Does anyone know if they are still 2 different places? I have looked on the net but I can not seem to figure this out.

I would ask mom but she is no longer with us.

Called the hospital today for birth records...and got the form faxed, filled it out, faxed it back, took 3 hours to figure out that I was 1 # off on the fax #...faxed with the right #


They said I should call Oklahoma County Dept of Health...Now what are they going to tell me? Do they have a big room that they keep copies of birth records that the hospital sends them after 20 years?

What do ya think?

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ok health dept
Mark, I'm sure you can find records at the HD. However, I think you need to be able to give your bname, or your bmother's name. Birth records are forever. Ask if they have a way to search for a birth record using dates, gender, and hospital data.
Hi Mark...

My brother(adopted like me) was born on 8/23/64 and we were told by our adoptive parents that he was at a Nunary?-perhaps even this home you're talking about. I have yet to get any more information about this home. I know there are several other homes connected with Deaconess now.

Anyway I guess what I'm trying to get at is....what dept of the Hospital did you call to get your info? Or was it the State of Ok registry? I know you can contact them and they should have a record on file. Let me know if you need that information.

I am sooo sick of going thru hoops when it comes to finding out all this adoption info! We were told that in the state of OK , if you are over 18 yrs old you can get your information!...arghh

Deaconess Home Pregnancy & Adoption Services
Springdale Medical Center
5300 N. Meridian Suite #9
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

This is the Home of Redeming Love Deaconess Hospital as it was called in the 60's
I just called the above # and told them I was an adoptee and they sent me to a very nice lady. She has been doing this for a long time and she can help you. I am sure if you were born there she will be able to tell you right away. They will send you paper work and you have many options. I did not do the search yet I just asked for brecords...non-id's and the Indian thing...cost me about $125.00 I have Indian on both sides so before I spend big bucks I am going to see if I can get the gov. to do the search...pluse there are benifits to proving your indian ties...for my boys that is. So I hope that has helped.

How long have you been looking? Do you have your non-id's? If I can help please let me know.

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My birth Mother lived at the home in 1966-1967. I have not done much with the search until the past year. Just looked around the internet a littl. What have you found out lately? I think I will call the number that you have posted and see what they say. Thanks for the information and good luck.
Deconess Home
I am wanting to make sure that we are speaking of the same place. There is a Deconess Home (Oklahoma City) that unwed mothers do live at. In fact I did. Let me know what you are needing on this info and mybe I can help.
Yes we are talking about the same place and I would appreciate any information that you might have. I did find out through my updated non id's that my bmom did live at the home and she worked at the home as well to pay for her stay.
She studied political science as well as music. She had dark brown hair.

Thanks in advance,
Deconess Home
Well I looked at the other postings after I had replyed to yours.
I called the contact #949-4200. THe lady that handles all of the search and reunions is Debbie. I have an appt. with her tomm. She told me that you can put your name and info on a list or they have something where they will do intermediary (sorry if spelled wrong) and they will search ect. This of course cost 500 dollars. But I said " Well I mean u know who they are u will find them right". She seemed positive. I would recommend that you do call and talk with her. Kelly
I have spoken with them and I did a couple of things with them however I have not gotten around to sending them $500 yet. I am happy for you and I would love to hear when you find your child.
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Deaconess Birth Parent Search
I was born at Deaconess on 05/24/72 and adopted 8 days later. I am in search of my birth mother and any information anyone might have. I contacted Kinsolving and they wanted me to pay $3,000!!

I would not pay that much and do you have your non-ids yet? How long have you been searching?
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I just contacted Deaconess and they are sending me a packet in the mail.. so I will probably pay the $500 when I can to get that started. My parents have my non-id info..which has the medical history and what my birth mother and father looked like.
I would love for you to keep me posted about how it goes with Deaconess. I paid them for the Indian thing and so far I have gotten 3 calls and good old Deb. say's she is still looking.
I just do not trust them but I have no real reason why.
I just think that there is no oversight for them. How do you know they look for you? What if they say well we tried sorry and you are out $500.00.
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identifying info
Do you know how to obtain identifying information in Oklahoma? I keep reading things that have conflicting information. Some say that it's available if the adoption was before 1997 and some say it's not without a petition to the court. I would like to just have my birth mothers name, so that I could search myself or at least know that I could when I wanted to.
Deconess Home
Well everyone I know you are woundering all this info on the Deconess Home. Well I can tell you quite a bit. When I went to stay at the home when I was 15 which was in 1985 Debbie had either just started or started right after I got there. She was really nice alot nicer than the Social Worker I had to deal with. When I was there I really liked and trusted her to an extent of course. I mean I really did not fully trust anyone. I went back a few years later and asked her some questions and she did give me a little info on my daughter (I mean what she could) At that time I was not sure if she was telling me the truth. The only reason I called the Deconess Home 18 years later was because after praying I happen to come across people talking about it on this site. I would have never thought they would help. When I did call I really did not remember that the Debbie I was leaving a message for was the lady that I had really liked when I was there. She did remember me though which I thought weird. I happen to live like 2 blocks from there new offices...which I did not know. So I personal get to see and talk with her in person. She is really genuine. I spoke with her on a Wed. met with her on a Friday and paid her on Monday. I recontacted her on that Friday and she had told me of her progress and by Monday she had spoken with my daughters mother. Things are not progressing real fast. Of course my daughter is about to Grad. ect. so Deb called me on the following Monday (keep in mind I had called her and when by during that same week in which she never seems annoyed with me and even tells me do not worry I understand) I did not know she had called due to the fact it was on my cell so I will check with her tomm. Every case is diff. just like she told me sometimes you can find it real fast and sometimes it will take a while. Sometimes they have to hire an investigator. Belive me I asked why it was so much. So in a matter a 3wks she had spoken with the mother of my daughter but it is one of those leave a message blah blah. It is hard being the third in line. But like I said Debbie is really genuine over the phone she may seem to sweet but she is really that way.
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