I gotta tell you, your icon cracks me up. Is that a TURKEY EATING some of its self? It looks like he grabs a chunk of meat from his body and eats it.

I laugh every time I see it. heheheh....

By the way, thanks for the post to me the other day!

He is SO cute isn't he!!! You know I never thought about him eating his self......I just thought he was eating!!!!!! OH WOW!!! I will have to check that out!!!!! Wink

You are Welcome for the Post!!!!! :D

After looking....I think he is not eating off of him self, but just a BIG STUFFED TURKEY. I said on another thread he looks like ME at Thanksgiving!!!! (HA, HA) Wink

Staci :D
Hmmm... those look like turkey sandwiches to me!

Hmmmm You might be right Rich
Yeah they do look like sandwiches. But it still pretty funny....

Thats me at Thanksgiving also...although I am more interested in the trimmings than I am the bird!
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