I registered with the State of Arkansas and just got paperwork back that they have NO record of my adoption. After my brother called and got more info....he was told that if it was a PRIVATE adoption-which mine was(thru Dr. Massey and an attny) that they did NOT have to register or send my adoption info to the state.
Now what do I do? How would I find out who the attorney is? And what kind of info can I expect to receive from him? understanding, is that Dr. Massey(who delivered me) relocated to another state(TX) years and years would that doctor be the only one who has ANY info on my birthparents? Or would the attorney have any information?
What about the Crittenden Memorial Hospital in West Memphis, Ark where I was born? Can I get information from them somehow? If so...HOW?
Please....any help would be so appreciated.
Heather DOB:9/27/68
I need the same answers that you do. The state said they had no record of my adoption, then miraculously the woman who works at the "head" of the dept. found a file that "could be mine". Sounds fishy to me. Let me know what you find out.
Toni :)
Hi Toni,
Thanks for sending me a note. How weird that they don't know if the info they found was you or not! Have you registered with the state of Arkansas? Was it someone from that office that told you they might have your info? If so, how could they not know?
Were you adopted thru a private adoption like me? OR do you know how your adoption was done? Just wondering if you were able to get any info from your adoptive parents?
What city or hospital were you born at/year etc. I'm shocked that since my adoption was done privately, that the state didn't need to be notified.
Anyway...would love to talk with you more about this whole process.
Hi Heather. I have yet to receive my non-id info and when I called to check the status of it they gave me the run around. I was supposedly born in Little Rock, Arkansas, St Vincents, 12-19-70. Although the certificate of live birth my ad-mom gave me was signed by the state registrar on 12-29-71. A whole year later. That seems odd to me. and almost all of the info. on it was written in by my ad-mom. Years ago she was willing to discuss it with me, but now she claims she can't remember. I know I stayed in foster care for several weeks until I was adopted. My ad-mom says they "picked me up" in a office bldg in Little Rock, AR. And I believe the foster mom I stayed with was Sue Noble.
Anyway, Do you have an amended birth certificate? Or cert. of live birth? I'd like to compare the two adoptions myself and see how much difference there is in the paperwork. My personal email is
birth name Lisa Ann Phillips
Maybe I can help a little. I too was born in Arkansas. St.Vincent's in Little Rock to be exact. My adoptive parents picked me up at the hospital when I was 6 days old. I called the state for my non-id information and there was none. I was born December 22, 1973. At that time, if your adoption was private and not through the state, there was no requirement for the birth parent to leave any information (they were even allowed to change their names and use fake ones) the law requires that they leave non-id info with the state.
If your birthmother didn't apply for a birth certificate for you, then you wouldn't have an original. Mine is dated August of 1974...before then, I didn't have one. Adoptions weren't finalized until 6 months after the child is placed. In those 6 months, the birth mother can return to get the child no questions asked.
I had my birthmother's name by an accident because the lawyer actually gave my parents the medical bills with her name on them. He also helped me in my search when I was 25. I found my birthmother, she lives 30 miles away from me and has my entire life. We never met and after the first year (1999), we no longer speak or email each other. I mainly wanted to find her because of curiousity (I think all adoptees are entitled to be curious) and because I wanted medical history information (which she declined to give me).
My birthmother never saw me. She had me, and left the hospital (until I called her, she didn't even know if I was a boy or girl).
However, in the late 60s, early 70s there was sort of a gray market thing going on in Little Rock with the Florence Crittenden home and about 3 doctors. Most of the babies were born at St.Vincents to underage mothers and the birthgrandparents were allowed to sign the relinquishment papers because the mothers were under 18. Some of the mothers were told that their babies died, others are unsure of the dates and things because these things were changed in order to keep them from being found.
My birthmother told me that she was assured that there was no way I could ever find case is odd, in that she was 25 and she was completely aware of her decisions.
There are some ways to find out some things. If any of you are interested, please email me at and I will try to help in anyway that i can.
Good luck with your searches!
Erika, your story is EXACTLY like mine. I remember my amom telling me several times over and over that my bmom would never be able to find me or come looking for me. She also told me she was in Florence Crittendon Home but I have been unable to verify that. I was born at ST Vincents and have lots of other info. I'll send a private email to you. Where do you want to start?
Thanks so much for the reply.
I would like to reply to the information by Erika and Toni. My adoptive parents were willing to find my bio-parents for me for my 16th birthday as this is what I told them that I wanted. They asked me just before my birthday if this is what I wanted to do and I changed my mind. Now my adoptive mother says that she can't remember, but thinks one of my biological parents had the last name Tatum and one was Yoakum (unsure of spellings). I just don't understand how they can remember my first and middle name being Carrie Ann, but not the last name. I was born @ University of Arkansas (UAMC) on April 18, 1973. Supposedly, my biological mother had 5 brothers and 2 sisters, all of which were half siblings to her. From my non-identifying information, it appears that she knew very little or nothing @ all about her biological father. She was 18 and my father was 19. He was in his second year of college studying oceanography. I've been to a website that tells about all of the information being incorrect, which I believe that most of my information is false. Please email me at, or
Thank you
I am seeking assistance with locating my daughter born at St Vincents or St Josephs, Little Rock, Arkansas.
I have tried for years to locate her with little success. If anyone has any suggestions or can assist in anyway I would be most appreciative. There is not a day goes by that I dont think about her.
I am seeking assistance with locating my daughter born at St Vincents or St Josephs, Little Rock, Arkansas.
I have tried for years to locate her with little success. If anyone has any suggestions or can assist in anyway I would be most appreciative. There is not a day goes by that I dont think about her.