Searching for Male Adoptee, Houston Texas
If anyone knows a male adoptee born in Houston Texas, please reply.

I just found out that my birth mother also gave up a male child.

I do not know what year but am willing to look anywhere for him.

not sure
i am identical twin male both of us born 1/26/71 at baylor university medical hospital dallas texas..... birth m,others name vickie jan kemp dob 1954...if not a match good luck
Thanks for replying.
The male I am looking for was a single birth and his (our) birth mother's name is Mary Beth.
I have found our birth mother and would like to find him.

If you are still looking and need help, send me the info. I do not charge for my searching and am willing to help those that need it in Texas.
I was born in Houston in 1956. Does that ring a bell?
Do you know what your birth mother's name was/is?

I'm not sure of my 1/2 brother's date of birth.
birth mom name
her name was vikki jan kemp but was 16 so last name most likely different now
brother search
hello do you know approximate year on brother? is he older or younger than you? if found mother why doesn't she know age. i have friend born in texas 1951. Smile
age on brother
we are twins!!! its in the original post so we are both same 1/26/71

I'm not sure if you were replying to my post or someone elses but my answer (if you were replying to me) is:

The reason I do not have details about my brother's birth is because unfortunately, not all reunions have a fairy tale ending. Mine happens to be one of them. I am gaining any and all the information I can from a maternal aunt who was very young when I was born and also when my brother was born.

By my own choice, I do not have a relationship with my birth mother and can gain nothing as far as information about my brother from her. If I could, I would have an exact date of birth and know a heck of a lot more.

I hope this has cleared up any misunderstandings about why I don't have much information on my brother.

I will never give up searching for him though.

Sorry, my brother was born sometime between 1964 and 1969.

Good luck in your search though.
Hello, I was born in Houston in 1969.
1978 houston texas moms Biological name veronica
April 1972 Male
Info we have on my husbands mother she was 16. Birth took place in Fort Worth area. Ring a bell at all?

Willing to talk if this is the mother.

Looking for hubbies family
male any
1978 houston texas?
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