My dad was stationed in Korea around 1955-57. He fathered a child there and told the mother to take it to the Seventh day Adventist adoption agency. This is all I know. If you are adopted under these circumstances please contact me. I would like to find my lost relative. Thanks, Susan
my mother was born in about january 57 and was adopted by oregon residents. her name on the paper work was song ai kim she was told that a military man inpregnated her mother and she gave her to an adoption place in seoul, korea she was sent over to the usa when she was about a year old. please send e-mail to
Hi, my mother was adopted from Inchon Korea. Her name was Chung, Yung Sun. We have very little information about her adoption. She was born on September 1, 1955 and she was adopted Nov. 26 1956. I have an address that was on the adoption papers that may possibly be the address to the adoption agency where she was adopted from ULJI-Ro,Choong-Kn Seoul. I don't know the name of the agency. Please contact me and let me know if any of this sounds familiar to you.
Please contact for a DNA kit. If you have already done a DNA test, please make sure to do a transfer from ancestry or 23andme to ftdna and gedmatch.
thank you!