Christian Family Life Center-STL
I don't live in Mo......but am wondering about an agency in St. Louis called, "Christian Family Life Center.
Has anyone here dealt with them before, and what were your experiences?

Thanks ahead of time.....


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Christian Family Life Center
Hi there. I'm new to the board, but if you still need information about Christian Family Life Center for adoption - please let me know. I am a birthmother and I went through them with the baby's placement. All went well and everyone is happy, but I'd be happy to go in more depth if you'd like to chat, or have specific questions. Good Luck.
Christian Family Life Center
I just now saw your post. Not sure if you need any more info on CFLC, but I went through them nearly 14 years ago and a VERY close friend of mine also used them a few years later. I would be happy to speak to you about them. My only complaint is that I feel that they really cared more about getting the baby than anything else. I feel that once they "got my baby" then they wnated nothing to do with me. At the time, open adoption was still a rather new concept and there weren't any support groups and counseling was either not available or not offered. Thanks to the internet boom I have been able to be involved in a fantastic online group where you can share anything, adoption related or not.
You can email me and we can discuss this issue further is you'd like.

How long ago did you place a baby with CFLC? Are the still in Mo on Clayton Rd? Did you keep your baby?

I placed in July, 1990. They are no longer on Clayton Road. I believe they are in Maryland Heights... but not 100% sure. Joan seems to be real good at changing her office to a new location and not telling anyone. :grr:

Did you place with them?
Just a note to say that the rules on agency discussion changed a couple of years ago. We don't allow agencies to be discussed on the public boards any longer. Please send a private message (PM) to anyone inquiring about agencies or to discuss any agencies.

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thanks for the info. I wasn't about to discuss anything on the site. i asked doglady to email me privately
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