Hello out there.
I am an Australian woman wishing to adopt an Indonesian or East Timorese baby. I was wondering if there is anyone in Australia (or the US) who has successfully done this.
Could you please reply as my husband and I would love to proceed.
Liz Formby
... what the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta says. Please note that adoptive parents must take up residence there for two years, thus ruling out adoption for most foreigners who must work in their homeland:
Consular Section
Jl. Merdeka Selatan No. 5, Jakarta Pusat
Tel. (62-21) 3435-9000, Fax. (62-021) 3435-9922
Consul General: David D. Potter (Acting)
Foreign citizens wishing to adopt a child in Indonesia must fulfill a variety of requirements set out by the Government of Indonesia. The Department of Social Affairs has appointed a few agencies through which all foreign adoptions must be channelled. In Jakarta the designated agency is Yayasan Sayap Ibu. Below is listed the steps which foreign nationals must follow in order to adopt in Indonesia.
Contact the orphanage (in Jakarta Sayap Ibu Foundation, Jalan Barito II/55, Tel. 722-1763) and tell them you are interested in adopting an Indonesian child. You will be asked to meet with a social worker for an interview regarding your motivation and suitability. The basic requirements that adoptive parents must meet are as follows:
Prospective adoptors must be between the ages of 25 and 45. (husband 45 years, wife 40 years)
The couple must have been married for at least 5 years.
The couple must be residents of Indonesia for a minimum of 2 years and have a permit issued by the local regent and from their embassy in Jakarta.
Couples can be either childless, have their own natural children, or have previously adopted an Indonesian child. If a child from another country has been adopted previously, the foundation will not agree to an Indonesian child being placed with the family.
The couple should believe in God.
Both parents must be able to appear in Court.
If the Sayap Ibu Foundation determines that you are suitable, you will have to submit the following paperwork, which will then be forwarded to the Department of Social Affairs.
Marriage Certificate which has been authenticated by the Indonesian Embassy in the country of issuance
Birth Certificate of both parents which has been authenticated as above
Birth Certificates of previous children, authenticated as above
Letters from close relatives of both prospective adoptive parents stating that they approve of the prospective parents' desire to adopt an Indonesian child.
Health statement for husband and wife by a medical practitioner at an Indonesian government hospital.
Statement from an Indonesian government hospital gynecologist regarding involuntary childlessness.
Income statement.
Good conduct certificates from the Indonesian police for both husband and wife.
Family photos and photos of the home and surroundings.
Three photos each of husband and wife.
Statement from the adoptive parents that they will contact the Indonesian Embassy at future areas of residence (with meterai).
Statement of motivation for adopting an Indonesian child (with meterai).
Statement of domicile from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta and from the local regent (Rt./Rw./Lurah/Camat).
Work Permit.
Photocopies of husband's and wife's passports and KIMS.
A letter from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta stating that the child will be allowed to enter the United States after the adoption is granted, and that under U.S. adoption legislation an adopted child becomes a child of the adoptors as if he/she had been born to them in marriage
NOTE: All documents in English must be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator in Indonesia (Sayap Ibu Foundation will assist).
When all the abovelisted paperwork is in, the Department of Social Affairs can authorize the Sayap Ibu Foundation to release the child to you, provided that you have been residing in Indonesia a minimum of two and a half years. At this point you are considered to be the child's foster parents. The fostering period must last a minimum of 6 months before the adoption can be finalized in court. An Indonesian social worker will come to your home at least once to interview you.
After you have completed the requisite 6 months of foster parenting, fulfilled the three year residency requirement, and have delivered all the necessary paperwork, a Court date will be set. The Court hearing will officially establish that you are the child's adoptive parents.
Approximately 2 weeks after the Court hearing approving your adoption, you will receive the official court adoption document.
With that document in hand, you can now apply for your child's Indonesian passport. The child will not be able to depart Indonesia, or be issued a U.S. visa, until he/she has a passport.
Requirements for an Indonesian Passport include:
The Child's birth certificate
Copies of both parents' passports and residence/work permits
Copy of the court adoption decree
Letter of domicile from parents' lurah stating that it is for the child s passport
Affidavit from the U.S. Embassy that the child will not become an American citizen automatically upon adoption
50,000 rupiah processing fee
U.S. Embassy Jakarta Home Page
Information Resource Center | Visa Information | American Citizen Services"
My parents are Australian and they adopted me from Indonesia through the Sayap Ibu Foundation. Like the previous poster stated, they were living in Indonesia at the time.
If you need more information, I can contact my mother and find out for you.