PGN email address????
Has anyone recently tried to email PGN to obtain status information? I tried the address that was obtained from a press release back in June or July and my messages are returned undelivered for "no such mailbox". Would appreciate if someone could point me to a resource for a correct email address.


I have never heard of anyone getting any information from PGN by email...maybe someone out there has information, but I haven't heard of it.
PGN email address
I haven't been able to find an email address. I've looked. I've been trying to telephone the PGN and cannot get through. Got through twice but was disconnected. Been trying for 2 days. Once I got a bank and cannot figure out how that happened since the number they repeated was way, way off.
see if this works
I don't know what address you're trying, but I have found an update from the US Dept. of State from December.

It states that they will no longer accept phone calls pertaining to individual adoption cases due to the backlog from the Hague situation.

It says to e-mail all questions regarding individual case status to or

You can read the release from the Dept of State by going to [url][/url]

Hope this is of some help.

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