My partner and I have chosen an agency to help us with an adoption (Adoption Connection in San Francisco). We are now looking for a way to find an African American baby or other baby of color. Today I discovered Pact: An Adoption Alliance and their website looks perfect to us. Also, it about $10,000 cheaper than other faciliators, etc. that we have looked into.
Does anyone have any experience with Pact? Please help!
We also looked into PACT; if I remember correctly, the wait times were very very long (that was a long time ago though). They are facilitators. For some time, they suspended their program and provided only educational services to families. I saw that they had resumed their facilitation services. We used A TLC in Salt Lake City. Good luck on your journey; I know that this research and decision making is difficult.
Hey Kerry,
Welcome to the journey!
I spoke to PACT recently and the wait for an AA child is 6-9 mos, and for a biracial child 9-12 mos. I am recalling that a Latino child was in the 9-12 mos range as well, but don't quote me on it! You're right: their fees are low, and as low as they are, you still pay incrementally.
I've heard nothing but good things about them, and they came across as very caring to me.
PACT is one of the most ethical facilitation services I know. Things are done right. I think that is so much more important than how long you wait for a placement.
PACT is a great organizatiion. I didn't know the wait was so long. I know several families who went thru them and waited only weeks. Now they did do some of their own outreach which may have sped things up. What is nice about them is that they can connect you with VERY ethical professionals. They are not a typical facilitator they are also an adoption advocacy and education organization focused on finding homes for children of color.
One more thing. (A particular bug up my butt) If you or your professionals are doingenough outreach you can have a fast AND ethical placement the two are not mutually exclusive. I have worked with extremely ethical professionals and never had to wait very long with my last two matches happening in weeks not months. It took some work but it is possible.
We have participated in a research study with them. Have any of you attened their families camp? We have been really interested in doing so but haven't investigated, as our daughter is still quite young.
Here's the PACT website:
It is full of information, but you have to search around a bit for it.
Thanks to everyone who has answered my question. My partner and I are very excited--especially since 6-9 months seems like a short wait time compared to other agencies, etc. we've looked into.