Looking to Adopt in Colombia (ICBF) from Canada
I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their story about adopting in Colombia. We are just starting out with our homestudy and would love to hear about your experience, whether from Canada or not.

Looking for the same information 7 years later
Hey so we are also adopting from colombia into canada and would like info. anyone?
Hi. My husband and I are also Canadians adopting from Colombia. I would love to hear if there are more Canadians out there going through the same process right now, and if there are any who have just recently adopted from Colombia who would like to share their experiences.
We're newly signed up for adopting a child/sibling set of two from colombia too.
we're working with appel-ontario, and have our training and homestudy scheduled for the middle of September.

What stage of the process are you?
Also adopting in Colombia from Canada!
We have just started on our Colombian adoption journey. We live in Ontario and are going through Appel also. Would love to find someone to connect with.
Would love to connect with you. How did your homestudy go? We begin our homestudy and pride next month, but we are about half way through our first Spanish class.
hey! nice to meet you!
we're in the middle of our homestudy, and we did our PRIDE training last month. it was pretty good. we've started gathering our documents too. there are a couple of things that are more annoying than i wish they were (we lived out of country for a few years, so we have to get international fingerprinting and we don't have a doctor, so getting the doctor's paperwork is tricky".
we're looking at doing spanish lessons too, though my hubby is probably going to be more of a rosetta stone kinda guy.
i'm happy to connect with someone in such a similar stage as us heading to Colombia!
Hello there. We also have recently started our adoption journey with Appel Ontario. Nice to know that we have company on this trip.
Hi There,

My husband and I contacted Appel last week. We found a worker to start the homestudy.

I'm glad to hear that others are involved in the Colombian adoption process and have contacted this agency.
Great to have each other
So great to hear there are a few of us working with Appel-Ontario. I hope we can learning from each other and offer support and friendship. Just think... in a few years maybe we can have our kids play together!

We are just about finished our first Spanish class and plan to keep with it next term. We have had our first homestudy appointment and the first half of our PRIDE class is this weekend. Have any of you found any really helpful books I should get reading? Have any of you started to get your house ready for the home visit? Not sure where to start with that.

Take care and chat often!
Has anyone been in touch with Appel-Ontario recently?
Hi there. Yes we have been in contact with Appel-Ontario. Are you having issues?
No, I had an email with some questions that had gone unresponded to.
Appel and Colombia
Hey everyone. Yes we have also been in contact wit Appel in Ontario. Unfortch because we live in Alberta there is only so much they can do for us. Our home study and psych rivals are done and now we are sending them to the Alberta gov for approval.

You can check out our blog also at duxburyadoption.com
Interesting to hear because we have not had issues with email responses from Appel-Ontario. Try reaching out to them again and see how it goes. Who do you normally speak with? We deal with a person by the name of Tim.
Good luck.
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