What Happens at Court Hearing?
Hi Everyone - We are doing our first adoption and I was wondering what happens at the court hearing. It seems like we have been waiting forever and we thought we were adopting our little girl tomorrow, but I got a huge packet in the mail for a homestudy. We already had a homestudy 2 years ago. Is this an update? We were bringing our parents to the adoption tomorrow and our little girl is coming too. It says to bring the child. Is this just another step? Or do you get to finalize it?
Really Confused in NY
I would assume that this is the finalization hearing. At the hearing for my daughter they just had my attorney ask me some questions-Where we live, where I work, can I provide for this child. Then they asked for my daughter's attorney's opinion (is this the best thing for this child?) then it was over. We got a certificate and had our picture taken with the judge. It was really no big deal. It lasted maybe 5 min. and I could have as many people in the courtroom as I wanted. Don't be nervous; it was really just something they have to do to have it all final. I have never heard of a finalization hearing that was not good.

Maybe you could check with your attorney to make sure it is the finalization.
Re: What Happens at Court Hearing?
Is the packet from the same place your original homestudy was done? If so, it is probably a copy to keep, and/or take with you to court. Is it from somewhere else seeing if you are interested? Sometimes if you have a state homestudy but adopt from and agency and vice versa there is other paperwork to fill out, or it may have to be re-done. It may be an update, hopefully, it is just a copy of your completed homestudy. Hope tommorrow goes well for you.
Final or Not Final?
That must be nice - it only took about 5 minutes? Wow - Now that would be sweet! The packet is a brand new homestudy - HUGE (why I am not filling that out now is beyond me ha ha) It isn't from the same place as we had our other homestudy done. We had our original through DSS when we were approved for adoption. This one is from the Probation Deptartment? It says to bring it tomorrow.

I called my lawyer right away and he said not to worry it is supposed to come. He said to worry if I didn't get one? I am so nervous as I have a crackhead sister in law who is trying to make us lose our daughter. She is out for blood (I even took out more life insurance - coz she is scaring the heck out of anyone who is related to my brother) My brother has custody of their children and I watch them when he is at work. She hates me for that and their trial is very soon----so she called CPS on us and said all this unfounded garbage...She also called CPS several neighbors. She says our entire town is full of horrible people! She is pure evil and trying to ruin the happiest day of our lives. So, in turn, we are nervous wrecks and didn't tell anyone other than our parents about tomorrow. That is why I am so concerned with all of this.

I didn't know what it was all about tomorrow. All the papers are signed, all the lawyers are paid. We have excellent credentials and were pre approved......so the new homestudy blew me away.
We Adopted Her Yesterday!!
Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I found out what the court hearing was - It was the finalization!!!! We adopted her yesterday and the homestudy is just for when the send the papers. Since we already had a homestudy I was so confused. I am now a LEGAL mommy for the first time in my life and it feels wonderful!!! Thank you all for your help!
Congratulations!!!! Was it short like I said? It is like a huge weight off your shoulders isn't it. I got my daughter as a foster placement on Sept. 20, 2001 and adopted her on Oct. 15, 2003. It is a horrible wait, but now it is all over for you. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile
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